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Image Potential

12 - Nov - 2013

Personal and corporate image consultant that will help to create the look you want to project be it on a social or professional level.

About Me

About Me

Jane Osborn
Jane Osborn 2

Prior to joining cmb, my career was largely spent in the financial markets working as a dealer for a japanese bank, as well as sales & broking positions. In these environments, relationships and interpersonal skills were paramount. These qualities became even more important when i started my own recruitment agency and spent a great deal of time showing candidates how to present and sell themselves to potential employers.

Having visited a cmb consultant myself, i realised how important colour and image is in all areas of business and decided to train with cmb.

My knowledge has helped many personal clients and smaller ladies groups but i now enjoy dealing with the bigger groups that the corporate arm demands. I have worked with many different organisations including, ibm, kleinwort benson private banking, ernst & young, unilever, aviva, hbos and monster recruitment to name but a few. I have also worked with a number of journalists on articles for local and national newspapers and at london fashion week with corporate clients.

My passion for the subject is contagious. my confidence and bubbly nature creates a positive atmostphere in which to learn. I am comfortable dealing with people from all walks of life, having dealt with inexperienced youngsters through to senior management executives.




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